DeHealth announces cooperation with Chainlink to fulfill worldwide demand in structured and qualitative medical data

In pursuing the goal to become a cogent leader in that area and in order to respect the interests of ordinary people, users of our system, who are the true owners of data, DeHealth is encouraged by Chainlink Company.

July 28, 2022

Worldwide demand for high-quality and structured medical data is constantly growing. In pursuing the goal to become a cogent leader in that area and in order to respect the interests of ordinary people, users of our system, who are the true owners of data, DeHealth is encouraged by Chainlink Company.

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Chainlink which accelerates the development of DeHealth ecosystem, combining Chainlink’s decentralized oracles and DHLT Network, providing a consistent and secure market data source for smart contract.

Chainlink, the industry standard oracle network for connecting smart contracts to the real world, is one of DeHealth’s strategic technical partners which helps in setting a safe, trustworthy and scalable DeHealth dApp and decentralized data storage DHLT Network. DHLT Network is a private EVM-based blockchain with Proof of Authority consensus mechanism (blockсhain agnostic). DHLT Network makes health data profitable and lifesaving with a help of worldwide AI & Medical Data-Based DeHealth App and Web 3.0 ecosystem. Users will be able to share, manage, and monetize their data with the dApp. Transactions within the dApp, completed using our DHLT token, will support their health while selling their anonymized data.

Chainlink will facilitate the provision of certain on-chain randomness data from selected node operators directly to DeHealth’s smart contract using External Adapters. External adapters allow access to high-quality data and enable extreme flexibility to connect smart contracts to premium web APIs, and are already utilized in highly reliable and secure oracle networks that secure over 3B+ in the DeFi economy.

To be precise DeHealth will use:

  1. Chainlink Keepers to automate income distribution when DeHealth helps to sell depersonalized medical data as well as DHLT distribution, post filling of users’ data for promo and marketing activities as well as referral program. Chainlink Keepers is a decentralized transaction automation solution that allows smart contracts to outsource regular maintenance tasks in a highly reliable, trust-minimized, and cost-efficient manner.
  2. Chainlink Price Feeds to fix rates to show in different fiat currencies on front end. Chainlink Price Feeds are the quickest way to connect smart contracts to the real-world market prices of assets. They enable smart contracts to retrieve the latest price of an asset in a single call.

Thanks to our partnership with Chainlink, we’ll get smart contracts with secure, reliable and verifiable randomness. Chainlink is one of several enterprises which highlights healthcare’s decentralization. This collaboration accelerates DeHealth’s becoming a standard in data collecting, processing, storing and monetization and most likely speeds up the development of privacy-first MedFi, embedded by DeHealth.

About Chainlink

Chainlink is a decentralized open-source oracle network that gives smart contracts secure and reliable access to data providers, web APIs, enterprise systems, cloud providers, IoT devices, payment systems, other blockchains and much more.

Chainlink is consistently selected as one of the top blockchain technologies by leading independent research firms such as Gartner. It is well known for providing highly secure and reliable oracles and working with leading companies like Binance, Google, Oracle and SWIFT, as well as many of the world’s best smart contacts projects such as Web3, Syntetix, Loopring, Aave, Reserve, OpenLaw, Kaleido, Celer, Zilliqa, OceanProtocol, Amberdata, Harmony, etc.

Chainlink has a Total Value Secured (TVS) of over $16.1 billion with 1,000+ projects as a part of the Chainlink ecosystem.

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