Dmitry V. Sokolov

Dmitry V. Sokolov

Chief Knowledge Officer
PhD, Phys, MEng, MPA Development of equipment for Electronics Industry Technology of machine building Methods and processes of nanomodification of compound semiconductorsR&D for combined microscopyOrganisational Development: theory of collective subject, transition from hierarchical to networking organisational structure, P2P Collective Intelligence methods and techniques, development and support for the Long-Term Organisational Memory‍. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY. More than 20 years of Organisational Development theory and development of the Knowledge Management methods and tools: Developed and implemented conceptual framework and prototype of the Internet of Sense, a high-discoverability Hybrid Authoring Environment. Developed requirements of P2P Collective Intelligence platform and a prototype of an Externalised Long-Term Organisational Memory framework. Built the Integrated Virtual Associative Network linking over 20,000 multilingual microwikis with real-time access to a wide variety of topics. 7 years in Systems Analysis, Facilities and Project Management: Processing of communication procedures, protocols and standards into technical requirements to GUI, functionalities and hardware interfaces of telecommunication intellectual network services. Supported and ensured success in proposal and development of features, projects, problem solving and troubleshooting for customers and through the Analytical, Product Development and Installations Teams. Developed, maintained, delivered and performed booking, induction, training, seminars and teleconferences, OHS and Safe Work Protocols, records and practices, sample preparation protocols, equipment manuals , user guides, best practices and job cards. Service and Maintenance of optical microscopes, SEM and AFM More than 20 years of experience in scientific and technical writing Technical Writing: operating manuals, best practices and protocols, safe work practice documentation, training instructions, records and protocols Scientific Writing: about 20 papers in scientific journals and conferences, 3 chapters in books on nanotechnology and nanometrology project proposals, papers and materials. Teaching and Training: seminars, lectures, workshops: handouts and presentations imaging, data processing and analysis of dynamic processes in biological, life science, biomedical and food technology systems. More than 20 years of development of advanced microscopic and analytical techniques for nanometrology and nanotechnology. Instrumentation: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) combined with Optical.

Martin Birch

Investor & Token Holder Relations
Originally from Cambridge in the UK Martin brings to DeHealth a successful track record in managing token holder relations and communications across multiple sectors.

Imants Breidaks

GovTech Specialist
Imants Breidaks is the CEO of MyVoice organization - a digital democracy organization working on projects like the initiatives' platform where every citizen of Latvia can put their ideas and collect signatures to be transferred to the Latvian Parliament.

Yevgen Shagov, MD, PhD in Medicine

Anti-age Specialist at DeHealth
Holder of two international patents in the field of biotechnology. CEO of the SHGV Clinic for Age Management, Head of the Supervisory Board of Sandler Wellness & Aesthetics, Founder of the first age management clinic in Eastern Europe, ReFuture Clinic.

Volodymyr Tylnyi, MBA

Investor Relations
Volodymyr is a seasoned professional in investment banking and corporate finance. Throughout of his career on Wall Street, Volodymyr has focused on capital raising, M&A, and other types of financial advisory. Volodymyr earned his MBA degree from Cornell University

Dmitry V. Sokolov

Chief Knowledge Officer
PhD Phys, MEng, MPA. Organisational Development: theory of Collective Subject, P2P Collective Intelligence methods and techniques, development and support for the Long-Term Organisational Memory‍.

Myron B. Rabij

Legal Advisor
Myron, a seasoned corporate attorney at Wachtel Missry in New York City, formerly head of energy at Dentons in Kyiv.

Denys Tsvaig

CEO, CTO & Co-Founder DeHealth.
President of the National Cybersecurity Association of Ukraine. 13+ years of global experience in the IT industry, in the business architecture of software platforms and products. Scientist, technology entrepreneur, thinker and methodologist.

Anna Bondarenko

Managing Partner and Co-Founder DeHealth.
President of the international "eHealth" consortium. Owner DeHealth LLC (2M patients and 30,000 doctors). She has brought together the best eHealth experts and over 15 million patients.

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